Personal Training 1 hour Session

One-on-one Training & Personal Sessions are available with our diverse coaches and instructors! Trained, certified, and experienced to help you meet, and exceed, your goals! They will help you eliminate and decrease pain, will advancing you in everything from improved movement day to day to taking you further in your sport or practice of any kind!
Movement Neurology Training
Parkour and Freerunning
Obstacle Course
Aerial Yoga & Silks
Handstand and Inversion Specialist
Various Yoga Practices
Yamuna Ball Therapy
And More!
$60-$100/hour - rates vary by staff

$30.00 - $100.00


Please arrive in comfortable clothing you can move in. We'll have you either barefoot or in "gym shoes" that have never been worn outside. Please bring a full water bottle (we have a filtered water cooler you can use to refill)

Movement Neurology Session - Initial Assessment (1